Cyberstalking: A Federal Crime

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group, or an organization. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel.This act is a Federal Crime punishable by stiff fines and imprisonment. Stalkers may come in different shapes and sizes but they all share characteristics… Continue reading Cyberstalking: A Federal Crime

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California Bans Non-Disparagement Terms in Consumer Contracts

Can you be sued for saying you did not like a product? Or because a business did not like your negative review on Yelp? It has happened, and now California lawmakers have stepped in and banned the practice. The issue involves non-disparagement clauses. A non-disparagement terms in a contract prohibits someone from making truthful, but… Continue reading California Bans Non-Disparagement Terms in Consumer Contracts

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Why You Should Have a Corporate Lawyer on Staff

Corporations and small businesses are sites of expertise in their own industries. Business executives are highly specialized professionals whose primary focus is on the efficient and profitable management of their businesses. These professionals should be able to devote their time and energy to that purpose-not to worrying about legal issues large and small for their… Continue reading Why You Should Have a Corporate Lawyer on Staff

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Real Estate Law 101

Real Estate 101: The Statute of Frauds is a really old law that originated in England in 1677. It requires that certain transactions must be in writing, signed by the party to be charged, basically the person being sued. Real estate purchases are one of the transactions covered by the statute of frauds. In real… Continue reading Real Estate Law 101

Copyright Misuse

Copyrights are easy to obtain. They can be applied for using a simple online application process for a very modest fee. Unfortunately, because copyrights are so easy to obtain, they are often mistakenly used to protect intellectual property that should not be protected with a copyright. Copyrights are granted to the creator of an original… Continue reading Copyright Misuse

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The E1 Visa Advantage

Options for foreign nationals wishing to open a business in the United States are often limited by the need to invest a significant amount of capital to meet stringent immigration requirements. The EB5 category, for example, requires a minimum investment of $500,000 USD in a new business; the L1 category, while not specifying any particular… Continue reading The E1 Visa Advantage

Medical Summaries In Brief

Medical Summary also referred to as Medical Chronology and Medical Synopsis is a document consisting of the events that have taken place in a patient’s treatment. Summarizing of medical records is a very important part of a personal injury, mass tort, nursing home abuse, long-term care, medical malpractice and allied cases. Summaries are of two… Continue reading Medical Summaries In Brief

The Green Card Renewal Process

The permanent resident card, commonly known as a green card, is proof that its holder is a lawful permanent resident who has been granted permission to live and accept employment in the United States. Needless to say, it’s a very important piece of identification. And green card renewal is an essential part of being a… Continue reading The Green Card Renewal Process