Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – How Does It Affect You in the Future?

Any DUI case can affect you in the future at some point in your life. First offenders if they get a good DUI attorney can have the case watered down to you doing community service. The attorney needs to know the laws of your state, city or country where you live. Offenders especially if they are repeat offenders will have a harder time staying out of prison. They will be incarcerated and place in a rehab program. Some will go while others will not. Because drinking is a problem for these people they will not, realize the danger they are to themselves and others until it is too late.

There have been some serious cases of DUI which have caused death or numerous deaths. There have been some cases which have left people crippled or paralyzed from the neck down. How will these victims of DUI be able to live meaningful lives? They more often than not can’t. Psychologically there is a having to cope with the lack of movement; they need assistance with even the little things, like feeding themselves not to mention bathroom attention. Many consider suicide as the life living in a wheelchair is too depressing. There is also the continuous reminder of the life they had; if they were very active persons.

A DUI offender is always remorseful when the accident occurs, but when they get behind the wheel again, they are more likely to forget what happened because they are so drunk. The DUI offender is suffering from a disease. They need lots of therapy, but they will not get meaningful help if they do not acknowledge that they have a problem; the situation becomes a lot worse if they continue living in denial. This is the worse kind of a DUI offender there is. They will stubbornly destroy themselves and others. Having support will help, but the person needs to want to be helped before the help will be meaningful.

Some DUI offenders will sacrifice their family lives because of their being stubborn and in denial. They never understand what they are doing to their family until it is too late. Having a DUI person in the family can cause the family to be torn apart; they may divorce because of the situation or separate for a time. This traumatic happening is one thing, which will cause the offender to look at their situation, and get help. The other, which is sad to say, the death or serious injury of the DUI individual, or some unsuspecting victim.