Do You Meet the Requirements of the Skilled Migration Program?

For anyone who wants to migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant, he needs to meet the requirement of the points test. The points test is designed to pick the most brilliant and the finest skilled migrants that will make the optimum economical contribution to Australia.

All the applicants need meet the migration requirements for the occupations. Applicants should also meet the following threshold conditions to apply for visas:

– be under 50 years old at the time of requesting a visa.

– satisfy with the minimum English language condition of competent English.

– nominate and hold a proficient evaluation for an occupation meeting the requirements of migration at the time of submitting their application.

– supply evidence of recent skilled employment or have recently finished the Australian Study condition.

Age Ranges

The applicant’s age determines qualifications for points on the day of making their application. If An applicant is aged between 49 and 45 years old, they’ll have the ability to apply for a visa but points will not be given for age.

English Scores

For all skilled migration points examined visas, the brink English language condition will be Qualified English, which is a minimal score of 6 in each of the four elements of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. Applicants who are citizens of Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, The Republic of Ireland or the United States of America and hold a valid passport, are deemed to satisfy English language requirements.

To claim points for firstĀ­ class or expert English language all applicants, including citizens of United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland or the United States of America, will have to finish an English language evaluation. The evaluation must be finished before the visa application is lodged.

Skilled employment

Points will be given for employment in a skilled profession, either in Australia or abroad. In order to get the points for this item, the working experience must be within an applicant’s nominated skilled employment profession, or a closely related profession. Where appropriate, applicants can obtain points for both Australian proficient employment and foreign skilled employment under the points test. Applicants will be given points according to demonstration of a verifiable employment history in the last 10 years.

Educational qualifications

Points can only be given for the highest qualification achieved. For example, if an applicant is evaluated as having finished a Doctorate and a Bachelors Degree, they will simply have the ability to claim points for the Doctorate Degree.

State sponsorship

For the people who do not meet the requirements of the skilled independent migration, they can consider the state sponsorship if they meet certain criteria of the state.