Do You Think Your Phones Are Tapped Or Your Emails Are Being Intercepted?

With all of the technology available today it’s very possible that your phones may be tapped or someone is intercepting and reading your private emails. A quick search of the Internet will produce literally thousands of online spy stores that sell all different kinds of eavesdropping equipment. If you’re are involved in a very competitive business your cut throat competitors may want to have an advantage over you and they may be willing break the law to get it. Likewise if you’re involved in a divorce or custody litigation your ex may have left behind some spying equipment to monitor your computer or telephone communications.

Telephone wiretapping is not like you see on the movies or on TV. You are not likely to hear strange clicks or noises on your phone to indicate a wiretap. also a surveillance van does not have to be parked nearby with men listening in on headphones. It’s far more likely they will use something along the lines of an infinity transmitter or harmonica tap as it was called in the old days. This is a piece of equipment either built in or added on to your home phone. It works like this. Once the equipment is installed on your phone the spy will be able to call your home phone and pause before dialing the last number. At that pint they will play a tone over the phone line and then dial the last number. The phone will not ring in the house but the telephone handset is transformed into a listening device that can pick up all the conversations spoken in the room.

This type of phone tapping device can be very difficult to locate in the average bug sweep of a telephone system. Often the only way this kind of room bug can be discovered is with a telephone trap line. A telephone trap line will be able to detect this kind of invasion of privacy because it will detect every incoming call whether the phone rings or not. In fact it will send you an email alert with the incoming caller’s phone number. Even if that caller is using caller ID block.

This can also be the case with an invasion of your email privacy. If someone has somehow stolen your email password and now has access to your emails it can be very difficult to discover this. Even a forensic examination of your computers hard drive may not be able to detect an unauthorized access to your email account and very often the email service providers are not interested in listening to your complaints or suspicions. However it is possible to discover this kind of intrusion with an email tracing investigation. This is where a private investigator will monitor your email account and document any unauthorized access. They can often recover enough identifying information about the intruder to provide enough evidence for an arrest and successful prosecution.

As you can see invasion of your privacy through a telephone wiretap, room bug or email hacking can be possible and even very simple for an amateur to attempt. However an expert in counter surveillance has many tools to catch the spy and even document their crimes.

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