Why Kate’s Law Makes Sense

In case you are unfamiliar with Kate’s Law, it is named after a gal, Kate who was shot in San Francisco. She was innocently walking along the pier with her father. The individual who shot her was an illegal alien with 7-felony convictions who had been deported 5-times prior to the murder. As Donald Trump put it this will; “Ensure that criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry receive strong mandatory minimum sentences. Strong. And then we get them out.”

Essentially, this law would protect US Citizens from criminal illegal aliens and give the authorities tools needed to apprehend them, get them off the street, incarcerate them and then deport them. In this case those convicted are not allowed back in the USA and there would now be a penalty for them to even cross the border.

Those opposed to Kate’s Law claim that if enacted it would cause 58,000 inmates within 5-years, and they claim there are already too many people in US Prisons citing that we incarcerate more people by population in the USA than any other major industrialized nations.

These arguments ring hollow because the number of inmates per population is irrelevant as we are incarcerating people from other nations, such as Mexico as well. If their criminals come here and we put them in prison for crimes then really they are part of Mexico’s population not ours, thus cannot be added to our total for such statistics.

Those who oppose Kate’s Law also suggest that raising mandatory term sentences won’t deter people from committing those crimes.

True, this new law may not deter those violent criminals from committing such repeat offenses, however, if they are locked up, they of course cannot re-offend in the first place, so the problem is solved. Whereas, many laws have an absolute deterrent effect, in this case we need to protect our citizens and if we cannot control the borders, those criminals will come back over the border and re-offend, thus, we need to contain them in our prisons rather than trying to contain them within the borders of their own country.

I might add that those who want open borders are amongst the same people who oppose this law, and there is no way to prevent these crimes and have it both ways. Our government’s number one responsibility is to protect the American People, Kate’s Law is a good move forward in doing just that and shoring up a “real problem” that has resulted in the loss of US lives. These lives could have been saved and these crimes are preventable. Please consider all this and think on it.